A music conservatory without walls

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CWCMC’s mission is to harness the creative potential of Chicago youths through music education, artistic and cultural expression, and by fostering positive relationships across neighborhood lines.

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"My oldest daughter participated in the CWCMC teen program. The teacher and student collaboration strengthened her vocal skills and stage confidence greatly. My youngest daughter is developing her cello skills and theory understanding, and gaining confidence each day. The program is a great jewel to all of our little ones."

Ms. Bosley


"[CWCMC] has given our children an opportunity to dream, grow and share the God given gifts within them; while allowing us, the parents the opportunity to encourage, support, show pride, smile, and yes sometimes even cry tears of joy, at the beautiful music we get to enjoy. The CWCMC is a "Crown Jewel" that Chicago can be proud of!"

Cynthia Anthony-Harris


"My daughter Kailie started playing the cello with CWCMC at the age of eight. Kailie has grown tremendously in her skill set and her fluency in music. Her younger sister wants to be just like her and has started playing the cello, and continues to strive toward building a solid foundation in music theory. There is no better program available in the world!"

Casandra H.


"I grew up learning piano and dreaded the boring, plodding pace of my teacher's lessons. I really appreciate that the lessons at WISH adapt and grow with each child. My kids are always excited to learn and demonstrate their growth. One of the best parts of the individual lessons is how each teacher helps the parent to learn along with the child. My husband had never held an instrument in his life and now loves learning cello with our son."

Courtney E.


"My daughter Morgan has been in the WISH Program for almost 6 years. It is one of the best-hidden gems on the Westside of Chicago. Thanks to the teachers and the founders, Howard & Darlene Sandifer, my daughter has learned the importance of music not only in her every day life but in her academics as well. She is learning how to not only read music but to also play in an ensemble, which is as just as important as learning to play the instruments. I wouldn’t have her anywhere else!"

Misty L.

"I have two violinists in the WISH program. One child has been in the program for seven years; the other for six years. I have been a part of this growing program and have seen first-hand the growth and dedication from all involved. This program has taught my two boys discipline, dedication, motivation and leadership. I would recommend this program to those who love music and are dedicated to learning."

Cynthia M.




CWCMC Featured on ABC7!

CHICAGO (WLS) – ABC7 is celebrating the achievements of local African-Americans during Black History Month, including a visionary who is inspiring a new generation of musicians on the city's West Side.

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