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About "The August Wilson Project" CD

Artwork by Jamaal Crowder

Artwork by Jamaal Crowder

August Wilson found in the blues the truth, essence, color and texture of the African American experience. His masterwork chronicling the lives and struggles of a Pittsburgh community is, in many ways, a narrative history of the transformation of the blues over the course of the century.

"One day in my stack of records I saw this odd-looking, typewritten yellow label. I put on this song called 'Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine,' by Bessie Smith. And I heard this woman's voice that was so strikingly different than anything I'd ever heard. I was stunned, and I listened to it again. And I listened to it again. I listened to it 22 straight times. And I said, 'This is mine.' ... I claimed that music, and I've never looked back." 

All but one of his plays are set in the Hill District of Pittsburgh; MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM is set in Chicago.

In March and April of 2015, Chicago's Goodman Theater honored Wilson with a retrospective celebration of his life and work. It is fitting that his legacy and musical passion be carried on by the talented and brilliant young musicians of Chicago West Community Music School, whose lives he might've chronicled if he had had another decade to write.